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Colin Bass


Colin Bass - an outcast of the islands 2LP vinyl

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Colin Bass - an outcast of the islands 2LP vinyl


Format Vinyl
Type Dystrybucja
Added on Friday, 07 December 2018
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+ LIVE TRACKS - 2LP vinyl


Pierwszy solowy album basisty i wokalisty CAMEL, w stylu art-rocka bliskiego konwencji CAMEL i PINK-FLOYD. Znakomte slowki Andy Latimera i perkusja Dave Stewarta z Camel, oraz rewelacyjny udzial muzykow polskich grup progresywnych QUIDAM I ABRAXAS. PIERWSZY RAZ NA VINYLU.

COLIN´s solo career stars in 1998 with the publish of the marvellous "An Outcast Of The Islands" an album in the pure CAMEL vein, with a bunch of excellent songs, with the collaboration of CAMEL´s partners Dave Stewart (drums) and Andy Latimer (guitars) and some members of polish prog bands ABRAXAS and QUIDAM. A single of this album was released only in Poland, called "As Far As I Can See", with some unreleased tracks. In 2000 two live albums were released during his tour in Poland, "Live At Polskie

Radio 3", and "Live Vol. 2 Acoustic Songs", the first one was an electric set, and the second acoustic; both albums include Colin BASS, CAMEL and SABAH HABAS MUSTAPHA songs, Dave Stewart and Emilia Derkowska were some guest on the live performances, also some great polish musicians. After this live albums, in 2002 a new single was released with some new songs,

called "Gently Kindly" and one year after, in 2003 the long awaited new studio album was released. "In The Meantime" (2003) is also a great album, with a sound more personal, more mature, not so similar to CAMEL. Like "An Outcast...", "In The Meantime" is an album more acoustic and with some blink to other musical styles. Great musician, great person (know by myself in a CAMEL show, very friendly person, even we have some pictures together...) so; nothing more to say... get this albums!!


Songs / Tracks Listing



1. Macassar (6:16)

2. As Far As I Can See (6:17)

3. First Quartet (1:44)

4. Goodbye To Albion (7:11)



5. The Straits Of Malacca (4:41)

6. Aissa (2:43)

7. Denpasar Moon (4:20)

8. Second Quartet (0:31)

9. No Way Back (6:16)



10. Holding Out My Hand (6:22)

11. The Outcast (3:27)

12. Burning Bridges (4:52)

13. Reap What You See (6:19)

14. Trying To Get You (2:12)



16.Macsaaar (6:29),

17.As Far As can I can See (6:52)

18.Goodbye to Albion (7:08)

19.Denpasar Moon (4:09)


Line-up / Musicians


- Colin Bass / vocals, bass, keyboards

- Andy Latimer / guitars (CAMEL)

- Dave Stewart / drums (CAMEL)

- Zbyszek Florek / keyboards

- Marcin Blaszczyk / keyboards

- Maciek Meller / guitars

- Szymon Brzezinski / guitars


- Wojtek Karolak

- Jacek Piskorz

- Jacek Zasada

- Tatiana Kauczor

- Emilia Derkowska

- The Poznan Gospel Quintet

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